Statement PDF Converter

AirBank is not able to provide CSV or any machine processable format to its banking service. Why? Don't ask, they say they are working on it for over two years...

Well, it took us few hours to do this. This site provides a basic conversion from the AirBank's PDF statement format to JSON or CSV. Not ideal, but at least something. It runs in the cloud on Google AppEngine.

This site does not store any of your personal data and it does not send any information to any other server, service or a person at the background. It only sends the result back to you. Note, however, that the data may be cached by network components on the way between your client and the Google AppEngine infrastructure. Also note that there is no encryption i.e. a statement you submit will travel over the network without any protection.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Use this service free of charge and at your own risk! This site is a third-party service not provided by AirBank. We are not liable for any issues that may result directly or indirectly from using this service such as transferring your bank account statement over the network, your statement processing by this service, the conversion result and possible errors in the result, or any loss of data or compromising your data by a MITM. If you do not understand then do not use this service!


A: Use a HTML form below to submit your AirBank statement in PDF.

You will get a document in a specified output format with fields from your statement.

B: Send your AirBank statement from command line.

Use a command line utility such as curl to send your statement. For example:

curl --data-binary @{pdf-statement} -v -X POST{format}

where {pdf-statement} is the pdf file on local file system, and format is one of json or csv.

C: Send your AirBank statement by email.

Not yet available